For the Love of Smiley


Smiley was a dwarf Golden Retriever born without eyes in a puppy mill in Canada. He was rescued by his Mom Joanne at age 2 and spent his life spreading his message of 'SEEING WITH YOUR HEART'. He did this by working as a St John ambulance therapy dog and also with children listening to them read.

Smiley was loved by thousands of people around the world and they all shared his family's grief when he recently passed away. Smiley's family wanted to create a place that served as a legacy for Smiley and helped to continue to spread his message and help others cope with the grief of losing a beloved pet.

You can join that legacy by providing financial support to build the statue, making a single donation or shopping our merchandise. Or you can follow us on social media for any support you might need in your time of grief over losing a beloved pet.

For the Love of Smiley


Smiley has made the world much smaller by creating a community of people who were inspired by his love for all, and the ability to make us smile even in the darkest times. We would love for you to join us on a special journey of Smiley's Legacy.

Our first mission is to have a bronze statue of Smiley in our town so that he is never forgotten, and can continue to teach others his life lessons. We would love for you to be part of this, and to feel this statue belongs to you as well because Smiley belonged to the world.

By becoming a Patron of 'For the Love of Smiley' you will initially be able to watch behind-the-scenes of the sculpting and production of the statue. You'll have access to special Patron-Only content and will be able to purchase exclusive, limited edition merchandise to help us raise more funds. You will also receive a special Smiley postcard in the mail.

Once the status is built, we hope you will continue to support us and we will use the monthly funds to assist with other special-needs dogs, and to fund educational projects for kids using Smiley's life-lessons.

You can choose to pay as much, or as little, as you wish to support us and there are special rewards for $1+ and $5+ pledges.


If you're able to make a PayPal donation we would be very grateful and it will help us to continue to spread his message of love and carry on supporting young children to read.

For the Love of Smiley

Become a Smiley Patron

Great news! This week we revealed the sketches for the bronze statue being created! I?m so excited to share them with you. I wanted to show them to you first on our new website! I?ve been brainstorming ideas to raise the money and I?m hoping for your support on this. Here?s a few things that…

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Team Wheeler

Thank you Wheeler and Lucy!

I am so grateful that people are still sharing and including Smiley, it means his memory and legacy will continue to live on and continue to inspire so many people. Thank you to Team Wheeler & Lucy – The Special Dogs’ Blog for bringing Smiley to their booth at Pet expo. If you want wonderful…

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For the Love of Smiley

Pay it Forward Barkbox

This was our second “Pay it Forward” delivery of Smiley’s Barkbox subscription. Smiley was loved by all and still continues to pay it forward. This is the first time we met Nikki and wonderful neighbours Cathy and Kelly when we moved here. Nikita loved her Barkbox! Smiley will never forget you – thank you. We…

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